formr Round 3: No nginx Required

Alright folks! I am back with more installation guides. I’ve installed formr so many times at this point … since my first post, opencpu has updated to R 4+, and I’ve found a way to not use nginx. Which is good news, since it often conflicts with also running apache. I’m going to leave the old guides up because maybe they can help someone figure out their issues, but here goes with the newest guide. [Read More]

formr Installation Instructions

An installation guide taken from formr documentation and modified to include more details for those who need it. These installation instructions are provided for Ubuntu 18.04; however, they could be modified for other systems. The original instructions suggest Debian 9, but I found this much easier on Ubuntu. I have now used both Digital Ocean and Amazon Lightsail for this installation. I don’t think the product matters, but the size of the machine is likely something you should focus on. [Read More]