About Erin

Professor / Statistician

Professionally Speaking

I am currently a Professor of Cognitive Analytics at Harrisburg University of Science and Technology - a STEM school in Pennsylvania. I teach computational linguistics courses in our Analytics and Data Science programs, such as Natural Language Processing, Sentiment Analysis, and Human Language. I also teach a bunch of statistics courses and you can learn more about my stats work on the stats page. Learn more about me the person, me the researcher, and me the bean counted on paper by clicking out the CV pages.

Personally Speaking

A random list of things about me:

  • I have the best partner in crime.
  • I live for college football. I am an Aggie (of the Texas variety) and generally think the SEC dominates.
  • I have a few four legged creatures.
  • While my hair color might argue otherwise, orange is actually my favorite color.

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