About Erin

Associate Professor / Statistician

Professionally Speaking

I am currently an Associate Professor of Psychology at Missouri State University. MSU is the second largest 4 year public university with approximately 25,000 students in Missouri. The Psychology department is fairly large - with nearly 1,000 undergraduate majors (including a double major in gerontology), 30ish full time faculty, and 50-60 graduate students in one of our three tracks (experimental, I/O, clinical). I work closely with the Experimental Psychology track in our master’s program and direct the Statistics and Research Design graduate certificate. I teach the core statistics course, first year seminar, optional statistics courses, run comprehensive exams, and generally serve as a mentor for students who are interested in Ph.D. tracks. You can read about our success with our students on my vita pages. I also have information about the statistics projects and programs that I’ve started here at MSU on the stats page.

I teach a variety of statistics courses including: baby stats (undergraduate basics), advanced stats (undergraduate/graduate mix of multivariate methods), graduate stats (graduate basics), structural equation modeling, alternative designs, non-parametrics, and other stuff that sounds interesting at the time (Bayes). I also teach Memory and Cognition and Psychology and Language with great fervor that tends to make students think I’m a bit nuts. I also teach these courses online - check out the stats page to see more about our YouTube channel.

Way more information than you’d ever care to know is on my vita including my credentials, list of research endeavors, and previous employment. Further, I have a whole section set up to describe the current ongoings in my lab.

Personally Speaking

A random list of things about me:

  • I have the best partner in crime.
  • I live for college football. I am an Aggie (of the Texas variety) and generally think the SEC dominates.
  • I have a small zoo of four legged creatures (2 cats, 2 dogs).
  • While my hair color might argue otherwise, orange is actually my favorite color.

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