About Erin

Associate Professor / Statistician

Professionally Speaking

I am currently an Associate Professor of Psychology at Missouri State University. MSU is the second largest 4 year public university with approximately 25,000 students in Missouri. The Psychology department is fairly large - with nearly 1,000 undergraduate majors (including a double major in gerontology), 30ish full time faculty, and 50-60 graduate students in one of our three tracks (experimental, I/O, clinical). I work closely with the Experimental Psychology track in our master’s program and direct the Statistics and Research Design graduate certificate. I teach the core statistics course, first year seminar, optional statistics courses, run comprehensive exams, and generally serve as a mentor for students who are interested in Ph.D. tracks. You can read about our success with our students on my vita pages. I also have information about the statistics projects and programs that I’ve started here at MSU on the stats page.

I teach a variety of statistics courses including: baby stats (undergraduate basics), advanced stats (undergraduate/graduate mix of multivariate methods), graduate stats (graduate basics), structural equation modeling, alternative designs, non-parametrics, and other stuff that sounds interesting at the time (Bayes). I also teach Memory and Cognition and Psychology and Language with great fervor that tends to make students think I’m a bit nuts. I also teach these courses online - check out the stats page to see more about our YouTube channel.

Personally Speaking

A random list of things about me:

  • I have the best partner in crime.
  • I live for college football. I am an Aggie (of the Texas variety) and generally think the SEC dominates.
  • I have a small zoo of four legged creatures (2 cats, 2 dogs).
  • While my hair color might argue otherwise, orange is actually my favorite color.

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