New Publications and Updated CV

Hi guys! I just wanted to post that I’ve updated the website to be current with some new publications I wanted to highlight:

First up is two papers on psycholinguistics that were undergraduate student projects:

Duncan, J., Buchanan, E.M., Marshall, C.Z., & Oberdieck, K. (accepted). But words will never hurt me, Journal of Psychology and Behavioral Sciences, X, XX-XX. PDF

Forbes, F.-J., & Buchanan, E. M. (accepted). “Textisms”: The Comfort of the Recipient, Psychology of Popular Media Culture, X, XX-XX. [PDF] (

In the first one, the project focuses on curse words and how they affect our perception and memory of concepts (nouns) that they modify when used. The second focuses on the impact of textisms in our conversations.

Next, some work in applied statistics:

Buchanan, E. M., Foreman, R. E., Johnson, B., Pavlacic, J. M., Swadley, R. L., & Schulenberg, S. E. (accepted). Does the Delivery Matter? Examining Randomization at the Item Level. Behaviormetrika. PDF

Chin, E.G., Ebesutani, C., Buchanan, E.M., & Young, J. (accepted). Depression, Anxiety, and Stress: How should clinicians interpret the total and subscale scores of the 21-item Depression, Anxiety, and Stress Scales (DASS-21)? Psychological Reports. PDF

The first one focuses on how randomization might affect scale psychometrics by focusing down at the item level (mostly, it does not, which is good!). The second is some work on the DASS scale and how it should be interpreted as a bi-factor model of psychological issues. I’m way underselling both of those, but they are technical looks at psychometrics of scale behavior.

We’ve also submitted some cool papers in the last few weeks, so you should check them out on our OSF page or on the publications page of this website (vita > pubs).

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