Multilevel Modeling Workshop Materials

Many thanks to Rutgers University Spanish and Portuguese Department ( for asking me to come talk about multilevel models. I enjoyed talking to the group, meeting Twitter friends in real life!, and I am especially impressed by what their department is doing in what is often considered a qualitative science.

I used RStudio’s Cloud to share a workspace with all the materials, packages, and other information you might need. I built the slide show using markdown, so that people could watch the slides and/or take their own notes. You can find the information here: You will need a cloud account (free), but then you can save the materials to your own workspace and edit it to your liking.

Thoughts on cloud:

  • Works great! I have taught several years now with multiple languages (R, Python). Being able to share all the materials quickly is a big plus. Additionally, not having to worry about whether or not the person has the programs + packages is super handy. I included code for their installations later, but being able to run lme right away is useful. Doesn’t solve the tech problems setting up though! ;)

  • I should be a bit better at remembering that people aren’t super familar with markdown. I could have explained “here’s the markdown file, you can take notes in it, the ## part denotes each new slide I am going to show you”. I knew I had a mixed audience, but did assume some R skills, but a good reminder for myself is to make sure that’s clear.

  • Oddly, the workspace doesn’t always update the knitted files. I had changed a few files (mostly the data) so it would load faster when we were working. Even though I had re-knitted and even did it that day, the .html file of the slides was definitely about 5 versions back. That’s frustrating because then I would have to reknit (and I didn’t cache doh!), which slowed us down sometimes.

Here’s the links to the videos I recorded during that time - as usual I make dumb jokes and wander around a lot but the new microphone I have seems to have picked up the sound much better than my previous one. Win!


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