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Hey everybody! I am back and finally getting to videos again. I hesistate to say “it’s been crazy!” because I feel like that’s always a thing that academics say, but I will say I’ve had a lot of life going on, and I am finally getting back to a normal amount of crazy.

I’ve decided to do some simple videos to start - so I am creating how-to videos to go with our JASP guides we created this summer. JASP is Just Another Statistical Program, which an alternative to coding in R or using paid programs like SPSS. Reasons it is awesome:

  • Totally free! Totally!
  • Very easy to use, so much so that our undergraduate program is now exclusively using it for statistics courses.
  • Saves analyses steps + data into one .jasp file - this means I can recreate your work or if you are a student, your instructor can help you with the buttons you clicked.
  • Includes most simple analyses you might use with parametric statistics, as well as plug in for SEM and Bayesian statistics.
  • It gets better all the time!

Over the summer, we created how-to guides to go with our course redesign, all of which can be found on our OSF page. I’m going back and adding videos to those to help with people who need it to be more visual and step by step. I’ve got the three I have done linked below, and they will be released on youtube throughout the week. Come back soon for more updates!

1 - Installing JASP - Video

Useful Links: - https://jasp-stats.org/ - https://jasp-stats.org/download/ - https://jasp-stats.org/getting-started/

1.5 - Using RollApp with JASP - Video

2 - Using JASP and Histograms - Video

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