Graduate Students

DOOM Lab Students

School, Year Name Thesis
MSU, 2018-2020 Arielle Cunningham TBD
MSU, 2017-2019 Addie Wikowsky Working memory, expertise, and fluid intelligence
MSU, 2017-2019 William Padfield Moral foundatins and political rhetoric
MSU, 2016-2018 David Herr Generativity and Trauma in first responders
MSU, 2016-2018 Nick Maxwell Investigating the interaction between associative, semantic, and thematic database norms for memory judgments and recall
MSU, 2015-2017 Katherine Miller The Mediating Effects of Cortisol on Memory and Judgments of Learning
MSU, 2015-2017 Rebecca Knoph Language Learning and Metacognition: An Interventions to Improve Language Classrooms
MSU, 2014-2016 Jahnavi Delmonico Politics, Personality, and Sensitivity to Change
MSU, 2013-2015 Marshall Beauchamp IRT Analyses of Body Dissatisfaction in Men
MSU, 2013-2015 Kayla Jordan Linguistic Markers of Writing about War
MSU, 2012-2014 Marilee Teasley When Music Goes Up in Flames: The Impact of Academic Advising on the Perceived Burnout of Music Majors
MSU, 2011-2013 Kathrene Valentine Alternatives: A Comparison of Parametric, Nonparametric, and Observation Oriented Modeling techniques

Ph.D. Committees

School, Year Name Thesis
HU, 2021 Jonathan Korn Deep Text Mining Approaches for Text Classification
HU, 2020 Phillip A Grimm II TBA
HU, 2023 Alicia Jackson TBA

Post Doc Students

School, Year Name Project
HU, 2023 Engerst Yedra STAPLE

Master’s Theses Supervised

School, Year Name Thesis
MSU, 2018 Emily Klug The impact of Black Lives Matter movement publicity on juror decision making
MSU, 2018 Heather Lepper Interactions in social settings: The relationship between alcohol and sexual assault among college students
MSU, 2018 Kirby Williams Controlling the uncontrollable: Understanding the relationships between psychological distress, physical impairment, and acceptance among women with gynecological cancer
MSU, 2017 Michael Mizer Assessment of Reliability and Stability of Various Visual Search Parameters
MSU, 2017 Rachel Swadley Returning to abusive relationships: Related and predictive factors
MSU, 2017 Jordan Henslee Body image and bodybuilding: the impact commitment to bodybuilding has on body image disturbance among competitive bodybuilders
MSU, 2017 John Scofield Desirability Heuristics: A replication and extension of Hill and Bus (2008) experiment 1
MSU, 2017 Jessica Willis The effects of motivation and goal setting on response latency and mental effort
MSU, 2017 Shannon Hayden Contemplative practices and test anxiety
MSU, 2016 Jamie Smith Evaluating the effectiveness of an ecological intervention targeting body checking behaviors
MSU, 2016 Samantha Hunter Message framing and source factors: Peers’ impact on exercise intentions
MSU, 2016 Benjamin Graves Methods of measuring visual scanning of upright and inverted ecological measures
MSU, 2016 Amy Bauman Exploration of factors in established scales regarding attitudes toward sex offenders
MSU, 2016 Elizabeth Gelhaus Student athletes and factors that determine their social support circle
MSU, 2015 My Vu Climbing the taxonomy ladder with help from the keyword method
MSU, 2015 Kristyn Angsten Evaluating severity differences of depression and anxiety in self- report and clinician-rated measures
MSU, 2015 Brooke Bennett Examination of the effects of media consumption on mood and body dissatisfaction using ecological momentary assessment
MSU, 2015 Vanessa Jones Barriers to Mental Healthcare across age groups
MSU, 2015 Alexandra Jauregui-Dusseau Differences in Pain Resolution post-ACLR Comparing Patellar Tendon and Hamstring Autografts
MSU, 2015 Amy Smith Knowledge and attitudes of certified athletic trainers toward providing care for athletes with cerebral palsy
MSU, 2015 Jillian Burroughs Reliability testing for the interprofessional collaborative practice assessment for athletic training
MSU, 2014 Carrie Melia Scanning Patterns and the Role of Recognition Memory for Novel and Primed Faces
MSU, 2014 Emily Stefano Examination of the Effects of Repeated Body Checking on Body Image Dissatisfaction and Negative Affect Using Ecological Momentary
MSU, 2014 Cory Derringer Adaptive Memory: Is Recall Affected by Sex-Specific Jealousy Cues?
MSU, 2014 Yuichi Sasaki The Functional Relationship Between Sacroiliac Joint and Occipito-Atlanto-Axial-Joint Complex: Pilot Study
MSU, 2013 Eileen Quinn Characterizing Emotional Eaters: Towards a Comprehensive Model of Emotional Eating
MSU, 2013 David Houghton Acceptance and Commitment Therapy for Smoking Cessation in Pregnant and Postpartum Women: A Pilot Study
MSU, 2013 Morgan Maxwell Face-Name Mnemonics: The Effects of Abstract and Concrete Keywords on Recall
MSU, 2013 Lisa Cota The Effect of Personality in Escaping Detection During a Mock Crime Scenario
MSU, 2013 Kaydee Kent Developmental Trends in Spelling Acquisition
MSU, 2012 Brandon Sanford Measuring Values: Assessing the Properties of Current Tools
MSU, 2012 Amber Cichon Effects of Perceived Communication and Health Beliefs on Anticipated Treatment Adherence in a University Health Center
MSU, 2012 TJ Bartowski Effects of College Pre-Entry Expectations on Student Attrition
University of Mississippi, 2010 Lindsay Trent The MOD: A Measure of Disseminability
University of Mississippi, 2009 Stephen Adair Social Processing on Adaptive Memory

Graduate Assistants

Year Name
2018-2019 Simone Donaldson
2017-2018 Tabetha Hopke
2016-2017 Hannah Myers
2015-2016 Rebecca Allinder
2013-2015 My Vu
2012-2013 Michael Carr
2011-2012 Amanda Wernili
2010-2011 Jessica Holmes

Each graduate student listed above also presented their thesis research (or other lab related research) at the local Graduate Interdisciplinary Forum under my supervision. You can learn more about those projects by going to the presentations page of my CV to see the posters or publications to see the papers.

Undergraduate Students

Projects Supervised

School, Year Name Thesis
MSU, 2021 Sarah Crain TBD * with Melissa Fallone
MSU, 2016-2017 Jeff Pavlacic A Historical Perspective of Undergraduate Learning Assistants at Missouri State University
MSU, 2016-2017 Jeff Pavlacic A Meta-analysis of Expressive Writing on Positive Psychology Variables
MSU, 2015-2018 Caleb Marshall Love, Language, and Linear Algebra: Linguistic Modeling of Personality and Mate Preference
MSU, 2015-2018 Caleb Marshall Latent Semantic Analysis Applied to Authorship Questions in Textual Analysis
MSU, 2015-2018 Caleb Marshall LGBTQ+ Hate Speech and Familiarity
MSU, 2014-2015 Flora-Jean Forbes Getting ‘Clued’ in: The Usage and Significance of Context Clues.
MSU, 2014-2015 Flora-Jean Forbes Textisms: The Comfort of the Recipient
MSU, 2014 Rebecca Allinder Do We Learn English Differently? Differences Between Natives and Non-natives
MSU, 2014 Riley Foreman Reactivity to question order on online questionnaires
MSU, 2014 Alexis Rauschel Geek versus Nerd, Linguistic markers of labels
MSU, 2013 Darci Klein Overconfidence in Judgments
MSU, 2012-2013 Jennifer Duncan Affects of Music on Reading Comprehension
MSU, 2012-2013 Jennifer Duncan Word Processing of Profanity Paired with Other Words
MSU, 2012 Kim Van Flower Power: The effects of flowers and floral scent on attractiveness ratings.
MSU, 2012 Cynthia Johnson Blog Use and Word Frequency: What Predicts High Powered Blogs?
MSU, 2010-2012 Marilee Teasley Capturing the Student Perspective: Understanding the Functions of Advising
MSU, 2011-2012 Jason Cain Facebook Social Word Frequency
MSU, 2011-2012 Jason Cain Perceptions of Profanity
MSU, 2011-2012 Mark Hobbs Social Class Perceptions
University of Mississippi, 2010 Jamarious Johnson The Language of Fear
University of Mississippi, 2009-2010 Nathan Nunlee EEG correlates of Language
University of Mississippi, 2008-2010 Lauri Foster Multiple Cues in Associative Judgments

Each student above and many others presented research at the local Research Symposium with my assistance. You can view their related work on the presentations page.

Undergraduate Assistants

Year Name
2018 Arielle Cunningham, Haley Wilson
2017 Caleb Marshall, Tori Ortiz, Jeff Pavlacic
2016 Hannah Hickman, Spenser Phillips, Elizabeth Kusel, Caleb Marshall, Tori Ortiz, Jeff Pavlacic
2015 Riley Foreman, Hannah Hickman, Spenser Phillips, Elizabeth Kusel
2014 Caitlin Hutter, Farren Bankovich, Tara Wagner, Sam Saxton, Emmanuel Segui, Riley Foreman, Melissa Williams, Brian Steuber, Katarina Oberdieck, Lauren Gaunt, Xiafei (Yoyo) Xue
2013 Caitlin Hutter, Darci Klein, Farren Bankovich, Jennifer Duncan, Kerri Cunningham, Kevin Foster, Tara Wagner, Sam Saxton, Whitney Baldridge, Emmanuel Segui, Phil Schnefke
2012 Jessica Johnson, Kim Van, Joshua Davis, Marilee Teasley, Mark Hobbs, Brittany Morgan, Ena Kadric, Justina Trumbo, Zach Wiatt, Rachel Taylor, Cynthia Johnson, Marissa Moore, Jacob Ham, Tara Woerner, Ryan Chapman, Whitley Del Rosario, Whitney Baldridge, Louis Oberdiear
2011 Angelah Crumm, Victoria Powell, Jessica Koester, Vanessa Rodriguez-Aviles, Brandy Dishman, Chatellier Wise, Eric Rowbottom, Erik Rader, Helen Bailey, Mark Hobbs, Jason Cain, Jessica Johnson, Matthew McDonald, Marilee Teasley, Kimberly Van
2010 Cortenee Boulard, Jamie Lewis, Anamaria Caradine, Kerry Nguyen, Mary Bowen, Morgan Springer, Shauniece Deloney, Becky Countryman, Grant Apgar, Jeff Creel, Jesse Johnson, Kaitlin McManus, Lory Nguyen, Matt King, Shannon Lassiter, Amelia Hunsucker, Ashton Weber, Erika Dale, Theresa Tipton, Thomas Killian, Cecil Thompson
2009 Lauri Foster, Sarah Ponze, Terry Nguyen, Whitney Martin, Tiffanie Hull, Nathan Nunley

Student Outcomes

Name Degree Current Affiliation
Caleb Marshall 2019: B.S. Mathematics University of Toronto, Ph.D., Mathematics
Nicholas Maxwell 2018: Masters Experimental University of Southern Mississippi, Ph.D. Experimental
Becca Johnson 2018: Masters Clinical Idaho State University, Ph.D. Clinical
Jeff Pavlacic 2017: B.S. Psychology University of Mississippi, Ph.D. Clinical
John Scofield 2017: Masters Experimental University of Missouri, Ph.D. Cognitive Neuroscience
Samantha Hunter 2016: Masters Experimental University of Missouri, Research
Benjamin Graves 2016: Masters Experimental University of Missouri, Ph.D. Quantitative
Jamie Smith 2016: Masters Clinical University of New Mexico, Ph.D. Clinical
Brooke Bennett 2015: Masters Clinical University of Hawai’i, Ph.D. Clinical
Kayla Jordan 2015: Masters Experimental University of Texas, Ph.D. Social
Marshall Beauchamp 2015: Masters Clinical University of Missouri - Kansas City, Ph.D. Clinical
Michael Carr 2014: Masters I/O Edward Jones, Talent Management
Marilee Teasley 2014: Masters Experimental University of Kansas, Academic Advisor
Cory Derringer 2014: Masters Experimental University of Pittsburgh, Ph.D. Cognitive
Emily Stefano 2014: Masters Clinical University of Hawai’i, Ph.D Clinical
Carrie Melia 2014: Masters Experimental University of New Mexico, Ph.D. Experimental
Lindsay Trent 2013*: Ph.D. University of Mississippi Post doctoral fellow at the National Center for PTSD
K.D. Valentine 2013: Masters Experimental University of Missouri, Ph.D. Quantitative
Lisa Cota 2013: Masters Experimental Oklahoma State University, Ph.D. Social
Bret Eschman 2013: Masters Experimental University of North Dakota, Ph.D.*
Morgan Maxwell 2013: Masters Clinical Part-Time Instructor
David Houghton 2013: Masters Clinical Ph.D. Clinical
Francis Bosik 2013: Masters Clinical University of Missouri - Kansas City, Ph.D. Clinical
TJ Bartoski 2012: Masters I/O University of Missouri - St. Louis, Ph.D. Social
Brandon Sanford 2012: Masters Clinical Texas A&M University, Ph.D. Clinical

Note: Starred items indicate my best guess at remembering which university a student picked. These are mostly students I’ve worked with or can remember - if you were part of our program and want added to our awesome list, please just let me know.