Psycholinguistics and memory, general cognitive:

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  • Co-Principal Investigator. To see or not to see: Perceptual learning in organic chemistry. National Science Foundation (2015, submitted). $980,730.00
  • Principal Investigator. Using Language to Understand Congressional Voting Behaviors. National Science Foundation (2014, submitted). $176,098.
  • Principal Investigator. Studying Semantic Memory of Intelligent Design Systems. IBM’s Watson Group. (2014). Applied for access to database.
  • Principal Investigator. Counting tweets: How social media word frequency enhances our understanding of cognition. Twitter Grant Competition. (2014, submitted). Applied for access to database.
  • Principal Investigator. Memory as a Complex System: Creating Online, Dynamic Semantic Memory Models. James S. McDonnell Foundation Scholar Award in Complex Systems. (2014, submitted). $450,000.
  • Principal Investigator. Online course development grant. Online course development stipend. Missouri State University Provost’s Office. (1/1/14-5/15/14). $2,400.
  • Principal Investigator. Graduate Recruitment Grant. Missouri State University Graduate College. (1/1/14-12/15/14). $1,800.
  • Principal Investigator. EXP: Supplemental Instruction: Bridging Technology and Student Academic Success Programs. National Science Foundation (2012, submitted). $526,809.
  • Principal Investigator. We Are All Biased. Fixing Judgments of Associative Memory. Missouri State University Graduate College’s Summer Research Stipend. (6/1/2012-8-15-2012). $6000.
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  • Principal Investigator: Understanding Language Learning in the Brain: Using EEG Brain Computer Interface to Improve Development. Honda Initiative (2009, submitted).

Applied Statistics:

  • Principal Investigator. Amazon Response Grants for Non-Profits (in partnership with the Psychological Science Accelerator). (04/01/2020-09/01/2020). $1200.
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  • Principal Investigator. Development of a Headache Meaningful Response Measure Using a Patient Guided Approach. National Headache Foundation (04/01/2018-04/01/2019). $99,592.
  • Statistician. Utilization of adaptive patient-centered electronic behavioral feedback intervention for the prevention of transformation from episodic to chronic migraine. Pragmatic Clinical Studies funded by the PCORI Foundation. (2014, submitted). $2,000,000.
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  • Principal Investigator. Visualizing Statistics: Developing Interactive Tools to Improve Statistics and Research Learning Outcomes. Faculty Teaching and Learning Center Curriculum Grant. (1/1/14-8/15/14). $4,500.
  • Principal Investigator. Using Item Response Theory to Explore Scale Psychometrics. Missouri State University’s Faculty Research Grant. (1/1/14-12/31/14). $2,040.
  • Principal Investigator. A solution to the file drawer problem: Alternative analyses to null hypothesis testing. National Science Foundation (2013, submitted). Up to $1,000,000.
  • Principal Investigator. Luella Stuck Cline resources award for textbook purchase. Missouri State University Library Funding. (2012, submitted). $366.
  • Co-Principal Investigator: II-NEW: An Infrastructure for Distributed Research on Neurophysiology and Brain-Computer Interface. National Science Foundation (2010, resubmitted).