A Practical Primer on Processing Semantic Property Norm Data

Erin M. Buchanan, Simon De Deyne, & Maria Montefinese


What is the property norm task?

Examples of the property norm task

Examples of the property norm task

Why should we automate data processing?

Suggested processing

Example data and output

Example of Data Formatted for Tidy Data
Cue Participant Answer
airplane you fly in it its big it is fast they are expensive they are at an airport you have to be trained to fly it there are lots of seats they get very high up
airplane wings engine pilot cockpit tail
airplane wings it flys modern technology has passengers requires a pilot can be dangerous runs on gas used for travel
airplane wings flys pilot cockpit uses gas faster travel
airplane wings engines passengers pilot(s) vary in size and color
airplane wings body flies travel

Spelling and Other Text Considerations

Example Spelling Dictionary
Spelling Error Suggestion
flys fly
transportaion transportation
firey fiery
neccessety necessity
cigerate refrigerate
dont font


Lemma and Part of Speech (POS) Information from TreeTagger
Cue Feature POS Lemma
airplane is verb be
airplane fast adverb fast
airplane they pronoun they
airplane are verb be
airplane expensive adjective expensive
airplane they pronoun they


## [1] "i"      "me"     "my"     "myself" "we"     "our"
## [1] "a"         "a's"       "able"      "about"     "above"     "according"

Processing Type

Finalized Data