Creating a cross-referenced multi-linguistic dataset to investigate semantic priming

Erin M. Buchanan, Kelly Cuccolo, Savannah Lewis, & The Psychological Science Accelerator

The Psychological Science Accelerator

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  • PSA007: Semantic Priming Across Many Languages

Semantic Priming

Previous Datasets

  • What about other datasets?
  • What about other languages?
  • Recent increase in publication of linguistic norms has lead to the availability of these norms for many variables
  • Multi-linguistic overlap is poor


The Stimuli

Text Corpora

Selection Procedure

##     token  upos
## 1    This   DET
## 2 package  NOUN
## 3      is   AUX
## 4   great   ADJ
## 5       ! PUNCT

Selection Procedure

Similarity Calculation

Cross Referencing

Cross Referencing

Cross Referencing

Final Thoughts