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Projects Supervised:
MSU, 2016-2017 Jeff Pavlacic A Historical Perspective of Undergraduate Learning Assistants at Missouri State University
A Meta-analysis of Expressive Writing on Positive Psychology Variables
MSU, 2015-current Caleb Marshall Does God Speak in Threes? Applying Latent Semantic Analysis to Isaiah.
LGBTQ+ Hate Speech and Familiarity
MSU, 2014-2015 Flora-Jean Forbes Getting 'Clued' in: The Usage and Significance of Context Clues.
Textisms: The Comfort of the Recipient
MSU, 2014 Rebecca Allinder Do We Learn English Differently? Differences Between Natives and Non-natives
MSU, 2014 Riley Foreman Reactivity to question order on online questionnaires
MSU, 2014 Alexis Rauschel Geek versus Nerd, Linguistic markers of labels
MSU, 2013 Darci Klein Overconfidence in Judgments
MSU, 2012-2013 Jennifer Duncan Affects of Music on Reading Comprehension
Word Processing of Profanity Paired with Other Words
MSU, 2012 Kim Van Flower Power: The effects of flowers and floral scent on attractiveness ratings.
MSU, 2012 Cynthia Johnson Blog Use and Word Frequency: What Predicts High Powered Blogs?
MSU, 2010-2012 Marilee Teasley Capturing the Student Perspective: Understanding the Functions of Advising
MSU, 2011-2012 Jason Cain Facebook Social Word Frequency
Perceptions of Profanity
MSU, 2011-2012 Mark Hobbs Social Class Perceptions
University of Mississippi, 2010 Jamarious Johnson The Language of Fear
University of Mississippi, 2009-2010 Nathan Nunlee EEG correlates of Language
University of Mississippi, 2008-2010 Lauri Foster Multiple Cues in Associative Judgments
Each student above and many others presented research at the local Research Symposium with my assistance. You can view their related work with the DOOM lab on the presentations page of my CV.

2017: Caleb Marshall, Tori Ortiz, Jeff Pavlacic
2016: Hannah Hickman, Spenser Phillips, Elizabeth Kusel, Caleb Marshall, Tori Ortiz, Jeff Pavlacic
2015: Riley Foreman, Hannah Hickman, Spenser Phillips, Elizabeth Kusel
2014: Caitlin Hutter, Farren Bankovich, Tara Wagner, Sam Saxton, Emmanuel Segui, Riley Foreman, Melissa Williams, Brian Steuber, Katarina Oberdieck, Lauren Gaunt, Xiafei (Yoyo) Xue
2013: Caitlin Hutter, Darci Klein, Farren Bankovich, Jennifer Duncan, Kerri Cunningham, Kevin Foster, Tara Wagner, Sam Saxton, Whitney Baldridge, Emmanuel Segui, Phil Schnefke
2012: Jessica Johnson, Kim Van, Joshua Davis, Marilee Teasley, Mark Hobbs, Brittany Morgan, Ena Kadric, Justina Trumbo, Zach Wiatt, Rachel Taylor, Cynthia Johnson, Marissa Moore, Jacob Ham, Tara Woerner, Ryan Chapman, Whitley Del Rosario, Whitney Baldridge, Louis Oberdiear
2011: Angelah Crumm, Victoria Powell, Jessica Koester, Vanessa Rodriguez-Aviles, Brandy Dishman, Chatellier Wise, Eric Rowbottom, Erik Rader, Helen Bailey, Mark Hobbs, Jason Cain, Jessica Johnson, Matthew McDonald, Marilee Teasley, Kimberly Van
2010: Cortenee Boulard, Jamie Lewis, Anamaria Caradine, Kerry Nguyen, Mary Bowen, Morgan Springer, Shauniece Deloney, Becky Countryman, Grant Apgar, Jeff Creel, Jesse Johnson, Kaitlin McManus, Lory Nguyen, Matt King, Shannon Lassiter, Amelia Hunsucker, Ashton Weber, Erika Dale, Theresa Tipton, Thomas Killian, Cecil Thompson
2009: Lauri Foster, Sarah Ponze, Terry Nguyen, Whitney Martin, Tiffanie Hull, Nathan Nunley